Fireworks banned for 60 hours in Parker Co.

On Tuesday afternoon, Parker County Judge Mark Riley declared a local state of disaster due to the imminent threat to life and property from wildfires and has banned the use of all fireworks in Parker County.

The Texas Disaster Act allows County Judges to ban the use of fireworks during a disaster for up to 60 hours. The act allows for the governor to extend the ban.

Fire Danger and drought conditions are measured by the Keetch Byram Drought Index (KBDI), a scale from zero to 800. Low fire danger is zero to 200 on the scale. Moderate fire danger is a KBDI of 200 to 400. High fire danger is 400 to 600 on the KBDI index and extreme fire danger is 600 to 800 on the scale. Parker County’s KBDI number as of Tuesday, July 3 stands at 629.

Violation of this order is a Class C Misdemeanor and could result in a fine of up to $500 plus court costs and the seizure of the fireworks.

Serial murderer, rapist put to death

The man known as the “ice pick killer,” whose victims included two in Parker County and one in Palo Pinto County, was put to death by lethal injection Wednesday night in Huntsville.

66-year-old Danny Paul Bible’s attorneys had asked for either a firing squad or gas, saying the likelihood of a botched execution by injection was very high because of his medical condition. The Supreme Court denied his appeal yesterday.

Bible was a serial rapist and murderer. Among Bible’s several victims are Tracy Powers and her 4-month-old son, Justin, killed in Parker County in May of 1983, as well as her roommate, Pam Hudgins, killed on the same day in Palo Pinto County.

Attorneys for death row inmate ask for firing squad

Attorneys for a 66-year-old death row inmate with ties to Parker and Palo Pinto Counties say his health problems make him unsuitable for lethal injection. They’re proposing he be shot by a firing squad or be administered a lethal dose of nitrogen gas instead.

66-year-old Danny Paul Bible is scheduled to be lethally injected on Wednesday evening but his attorneys argued his health issues make him unsuitable for that method of capital punishment.

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals was considering the appeal Tuesday. A federal judge in Houston last week rejected it.

Neither firing squad nor nitrogen gas are legal execution methods in Texas and the state legislature isn’t scheduled to meet again until next year.

Among Bible’s several victims are Tracy Powers and her 4-month-old son, Justin, killed in Parker County in May of 1983, as well as her roommate, Pam Hudgins, killed on the same day in Palo Pinto County.

Attorneys earlier argued unsuccessfully that Bible was left disabled and in permanent pain after a prison van he was traveling in in 2003 crashed, killing a corrections officer and the driver of another vehicle involved in the wreck.

Concealed carry approved by WISD Board

At Monday night’s meeting of the Weatherford ISD School Board, several safety measures were approved, including a concealed carry program for staff.

Regarding the concealed carry program:

· Staff participation in this program is voluntary

· Individuals will undergo a thorough screening process including a psychological review, fingerprinting, background check, and administrative approval

· There is an extensive training component and annual training requirement

· Individuals selected will remain anonymous

· The Defender Program does not allow any citizen with a License to Carry the right to carry a concealed weapon on Weatherford ISD property

· In addition to the concealed carry feature of the Defender Program, this adoption also provides:

o Classroom safes that will contain a safety vest, pepper spray, and a trauma kit.

o Trauma and intruder training for all staff.

o One Board Certified Behavioral Analyst, two Intervention Counselors, and an Intervention Teacher to support students’ social and emotional needs as a preventive measure.

o A School Safety Coordinator who will be specifically focused on safety plans and processes for the District.

o Training for students including safety drills and a “See Something; Say Something” training on situational awareness.

o The implementation of a district-wide character education program.

Weatherford ISD administration will create a timeline for the implementation of the concealed carry program; however, details of the Defender Program will not be disclosed to ensure the confidentiality of this safety measure.