Local man holds two thieves at gunpoint

A property owner caught two suspects stealing from him, and held the two at gunpoint until law enforcement arrived.

An individual arriving for work at approximately in the morning recently on McVoid Rd. in Springtown observed a Chevrolet Impala that he did not recognize near a barn located on the property. The property owner also arrived on scene and discovered an unknown female squatting behind the barn, while an unknown male was attempting to reach the Impala. The property owner dialed 9-1-1 and held the pair at gunpoint until the arrival of Parker County Sheriff’s deputies.

It was determined that the suspects, Mary Daniels and Bowie Farr, both residents of Parker County, were in the process of stealing approximately $2,000.00 worth of property which included a trailer ramp, fence charger, propane regulator, metal pipe, and approximately 300 ft. of copper wire.

Daniels and Farr face charges of Theft of Materials/Copper Wiring, Theft of Property and Burglary of a Building.

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