Mineral Wells residence required to iimplement new water restrictions due to drought

The drought is getting so bad that beginning Wednesday, Mineral Wells residents will not be allowed to water their lawns—any day of the week.

Lake Palo Pinto is at 13 percent capacity and gradually worsening as the driest September on record in Texas comes to an end.

The Mineral Wells Index says the new amended Stage III water restrictions that ban all outdoor watering in the Mineral Wells area begin Oct. 1. The new restrictions are effective for the Palo Pinto County Municipal Water District No. 1, the City of Mineral Wells, surrounding water supply corporations and other wholesale customers of the city.

Beginning Wednesday, the water conservation measures to be implemented are:

• All outdoor water use is prohibited including, but not limited to, irrigation or watering of vegetation including lawns, shrubs, trees, flower beds and gardens; washing windows, siding, eaves and roofs of buildings; washing driveways, streets, curbs and gutters; non-commercial vehicle washing; draining, filling or adding water to swimming pools, flushing water systems and watering foundations.

• The only outdoor exceptions are water for animals and previously approved construction projects.

• Future construction projects not yet approved shall use only reuse water.

• Enforcement of required landscaping for new construction projects will be suspended for the duration of the foregoing outdoor water use prohibition.

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