Counterfeit and forgery ring under investigation in Mineral Wells

Mineral Wells police are investigating multiple reports of counterfeit bills. In one instance, a counterfeit $20 bill had been cashed in the drive-through of a local restaurant.

The fake bill appeared to have been a “washed” $1 bill, he said. Washing is a counterfeiting method in which the ink of the bill is washed off to create a new larger denomination bill. The bill was similar to a forged $20 bill passed at a South Oak Avenue convenience store earlier that day.

The Mineral Wells Index said police have no suspects in the investigation, pending viewing security video from both businesses, he said. He said it’s difficult to detect washed bills with pens most businesses use for that purpose because most of the bill is still actual currency with serial numbers and fibers in the paper typical to U.S. currency.

Earlier this month a woman was arrested on forgery charges after paying for her meal with a fake $50 bill at a local restaurant, Wright said. This woman might be connected to a group that has been trying to cash forged checks at banks and businesses.

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