Two Parker County Emergeny Services attempting to annex same property

Two Parker County Emergency Services Districts — ESD No. 3 and ESD No. 8 — are attempting to annex the same piece of property as voters go to the polls Nov. 4. In fact, voters in six voting precincts — 215, 230, 245, 250, 135 and 405 — will see both options on the ballot and could vote to be included in both districts.

According to the contested tract of land — less than 30 square miles according to rough calculations — is located north of the City of Weatherford in the city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction. It is mostly east of FM Road 51 and west of FM 730. The area contains about 950 homes and has an estimated combined taxable value of about $273 million, excluding minerals.

For ESD No. 8, which is north and northwest of Weatherford and contains Central Community and Adell-Whitt fire departments, the total proposed annexation area includes Poolville as well as the contested tract.

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