Pickup crashes into Weatherford apartment

As officers investigated a hit-and-run crash that left a pickup inside a woman’s apartment early Sunday morning, a second vehicle struck a patrol car and that driver attempted to flee the scene, as well.

According to the Weatherford Democrat, officers responded to the College Park Apartments around 2:30 a.m. after a black 1998 Ford F-150 went over an embankment and into the living room of an apartment.

A woman told police she was asleep in the apartment, heard a loud boom and went into her living room, where she found a truck partially inside still running with its lights on, Comm. Chris Crawford said. She said a young man around 20 years old got out of the truck, climbed the retaining wall and left the scene, according to Crawford.

Minutes after officers arrival on scene, a white pickup drove through the parking lot, and while weaving in between vehicles, struck an unoccupied patrol vehicle and continued pushing the car, Crawford said.

Officers ran up to the truck and yelled for the driver to stop and get out but he fled from the officers, driving south on the west end of the complex, police reported. In an attempt to avoid officers coming from the other end of the road, the driver struck another vehicle, according to Crawford. “Our officers were able to exit their patrol vehicles quickly and take him into custody at that point.”

The driver smelled strongly of alcohol, had bloodshot, glassy eyes and very slurred speech, according to the arrest report. Asked how much he’d had to drink, the driver said “a ton,” admitting to drinking a 6-pack and at a local restaurant, an officer wrote in the report.

Alan Alejandro Medellin-Martinez, 23, a resident of College Park Apartments, was charged with driving while intoxicated, evading arrest with a vehicle and leaving the scene of an accident. Medellin was released on bond later Sunday, according to jail records. Damage to the vehicles struck by the white pickup was estimated to be around to $1,000 each vehicle.

Weatherford police also arrested Medellin Sept. 28 on a charge of driving while intoxicated, and he was released on $750 bond the same day, according to county records. Officers have located a person they believe to be the driver of the truck that went into the apartment and are investigating that incident further, Crawford said.

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