Two 14-year-old boys received two years of juvenile probation

Two 14-year-old boys who were accused of throwing rocks at vehicles on Interstate 20 near the Bankhead Highway exit in Weatherford last July pled true to aggravated assault and criminal mischief allegations Tuesday in their juvenile cases and were found to have been engaged in delinquent conduct.

“While the boys caused several thousand dollars in damage to passing vehicles, the worst criminal act happened to an Arizona woman who was struck in the mouth by one of the thrown rocks as she drove down the interstate with her husband in his 18-wheeler,” said Assistant District Attorney Jeff Swain, who handled the case for the prosecution. “At the end of the proceeding, she gave a victim impact statement over the phone in which she described her struggle to get her injuries fixed. She also told the boys how this event affected her relationship with her husband and especially with her grandchildren, who she said were afraid to hug her because they said she looked ‘like a monster’. “

“But what really struck me about her statement was the grace she showed towards the boys. She told them that she didn’t want them to be locked up and encouraged them to use this terrible event as a turning point in their lives after which they could be better people, have good relationships with their families, and be successful,” Swain said. “She told them that in order for that to happen, in the future, they must think about the consequences of their actions for themselves and for others before they act.”

The boys, who are both in eighth grade, received two years of juvenile probation, during which they will have to perform 200 hours of community service, attend counseling, submit to drug testing, have a curfew set by the probation officer, and pay restitution of over $2,000. The case took place in the 43rd District Court, Judge Craig Towson presiding.

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