WHS grad named America’s Favorite Homecoming Queen

Congratulations to Courtney Cox (WHS Class of 2013) for not only winning the title of 2014 Texas Favorite Homecoming Queen, but for also winning the title of 2014 America’s Favorite Homecoming Queen.

Cox, who was the Weatherford High School Homecoming Queen in 2013, first had to win as a State Finalist before earning the right to compete for the 2014 America’s Favorite Homecoming Queen title along with 49 other State Finalists. She earned the national title based on the total number of votes received from the American public.

According to a press release from America’s Homecoming Queen, the purpose of its organization is to promote education and community service for high school homecoming queens in all 50 states. It also strives to give these young women, who have shown outstanding leadership ability, the opportunity to achieve their dreams and goals of being the leaders of tomorrow.

The America’s Homecoming Queen organization also works to give each young woman the self-confidence to achieve the goals she desires. Cox also wanted to thank Texas Bank for generously sponsoring her while competing as a Texas Finalist.

For additional information about America’s Homecoming Queen, please visit www.americashomecomingqueen.com.

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