Man arrested for falsely claiming to be a Navy seal

A Granbury man was arrested Saturday on charges of impersonating a ranking Navy SEAL Officer in Parker County. Weatherford-Parker County Special Crime Unit investigators worked with the Texas Rangers in an undercover investigation after a source revealed the suspect had been identifying himself as a military officer.

29-year-old Carlos Felipe Luna-Gonzalez, is accused of falsely representing himself as an active-duty Navy SEAL officer on a social media outlet, and displaying portraits of himself wearing a Navy dress uniform, while dining at a local coffee shop. An investigation revealed Gonzalez was given an early general discharge from the Navy as an enlisted seaman apprentice. He was never a commissioned officer, a Navy SEAL, nor did he ever earn a purple heart or face active combat.

But when the owner of Lone Star Guns offered to honor him with a $2,300 rifle for his service as a Navy Seal, Gonzales showed up Saturday at the Weatherford store in full Navy dress blues with an officer’s insignia, and a Purple Heart—which were fake. He repeated his made-up story of how he was shot while in combat. But after he received the rifle in a fraudulent manner, he was arrested in what he soon found out was an undercover sting. Gonzalez was taken into custody and charged with Theft $1,500 – $20,000; Tampering with Government Document and for Fraudulent or Fictitious Military Record. Gonzalez bonded out Sunday after posting $18,500.

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