WISD weather tracking factors that may alter normal school schedule

Because of the recent drop in local temperatures, Weatherford ISD administrators would like to remind parents and community members that the District has processes in place to ensure a safe, secure, and warm environment for its students and staff members.

Weatherford ISD Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Hanks said although thermostats throughout the district have been set at comfortable levels, it is important that students are dressed warm – especially those who ride buses or who wait outside the campuses for extended periods of time.

Although there’s no ice in the immediate forecast, Dr. Hanks said the District will strive to make a decision by 6 a.m. so parents will have ample opportunities to make arrangements, if necessary, for their children,” Dr. Hanks said.

The following factors are considered when Weatherford ISD makes a decision that alters the normal school schedule:

• Information on road conditions and whether buses/cars can safely travel
• The existing accumulation of snow or ice
• The rate and expected duration of precipitation
• Parking lot and sidewalk conditions
• Weather predictions

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