Springtown man sentenced to federal prison

A Springtown man who abducted and beat another local man in 2013 was sentenced yesterday in federal court to more than 15 years in federal prison on a kidnapping charge.

20-year-old Brice Johnson said he invited a homosexual man to his home via social media. He told his family that it started as a joke but it “went too far and too wrong.” He eventually beat the victim so badly he spent 10 days in the hospital with multiple skull and facial fractures.

Johnson beat the victim on Sept. 2, 2013, until he thought he had killed the man. He bound the victim with electrical tape and loaded his body into the trunk of the victim’s car. When he realized the victim was still alive he drove him to an emergency medical center in Springtown. Johnson initially told police that he found the victim beaten in the car and that he saw a black truck speeding away…but he eventually confessed to police that it was he that beat the victim.

He was sentenced on Monday to 183 months in the federal penitentiary.

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