Doctor says child’s head injury ‘one of the most severe’

There was some damaging testimony in a Parker County capital murder trial yesterday.

Multiple doctors who treated 14-month-old Kamden Lee Bailey before his Sept. 2011 death told jurors yesterday they do not believe the boy died as a result of injuries sustained in a fall from a countertop. 27-year-old Rodney Chase Pettigrew is on trial for capital murder and first-degree felony injury to a child. If convicted of capital murder, he faces life imprisonment without parole.

According to the Weatherford Democrat, Pettigrew told investigators that the boy took a tumble from a kitchen countertop when Pettigrew turned his back, striking his head on the floor.

But yesterday, the head of radiology at the hospital in Azle, Kristi Kuenstler, told jurors that Kamden had one of the most severe skull fractures she has ever seen in a young child. Kuenstler said the boy had not just one but the entire laundry list of things doctors expect to see in non-accidental head injuries, from where the fracture was located to the type of fracture.

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