Drunk driver accused of crashing into police car

A Parker County grand jury has indicted a man accused of striking a Weatherford police vehicle and fleeing the scene while drunk. 23-year-old Alan Alejandro Medellin was indicted on a charge of evading arrest or detention with a vehicle, a third degree felony.

The incident occurred early morning Oct. 26 as police were investigating a separate incident where a truck went through the wall of an apartment in the College Park Apartments. Minutes after officers arrived on scene around 2:30 a.m., a second truck drove through the parking lot, struck an unoccupied patrol vehicle and continued pushing the car.

The Weatherford Democrat says officers ran up and yelled for the driver to stop and get out of the vehicle but Medellin fled, driving south on the west end of the apartment complex. In an attempt to avoid officers coming from the other end of the road, the driver struck another vehicle, according to Crawford. He was then taken into custody. sked how much he’d had to drink, Medellin said “a ton.”

Weatherford police also arrested Medellin Sept. 28 on a charge of driving while intoxicated, and he was released on $750 bond the same day, according to county records.

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