WISD honors school board members

Weatherford Independent School District joins hundreds of other school districts throughout the state in recognizing its School Board members as part of January’s School Board Recognition Month.

WISD Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Hanks said he is thankful for the time and commitment put forth by his seven-member Board as each individual continues to serve as dedicated advocates for Weatherford ISD.

According to the Texas Association of School Boards, more than 7,300 men and women serve on local school boards across the state helping to promote public education.

“At Weatherford ISD, our Board members continue to devote countless hours to this District, and their focus has always been on student success.”

Dr. Hanks also said school board members are elected to serve by local constituents and receive no compensation for their efforts. They also critical responsibilities and sometimes have to make difficult decisions in order to maintain its focus on student learning.

Weatherford ISD Board members include Paul Paschall, President; Ashley Conlon, Vice President; Jeff Geyer, Secretary; Gail Wirtanen, Member; Dr. Joshua Tarbay, Member; Tiffany Branson, Member; and Mike Guest, Member.

“Our Board is responsible for an annual budget of around $65 million, 7,700 students, about 1,000 employees, and numerous campuses and departments,” Dr. Hanks added. “This is a tremendous governance role that our Trustees have to manage, and we are fortunate to have individuals who continue to place students first while being good stewards of local taxpayer dollars.”

Weatherford ISD will officially recognize its Board members at the Jan. 15 school board meeting beginning at 7 p.m. in the District Services Building Boardroom.

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