Home invasion in Springtown

The Springtown police department is on the hunt for two unidentified males who entered an occupied home without permission and fled after a violent confrontation with the resident.

Officers were called to the 400 block of Avenue C late last week. Two men entered the home through an unlocked back door. They were brandishing a weapon that appeared to be a gun and threatened the man they found inside. 

The firearm was later determined to be a toy.

A fight ensued and the two suspects fled the scene, according to the Parker County Daily Post.

The victim was injured and at least one of the suspects is believed to be significantly injured. A woman and her children were able to escape the house unharmed.

Both suspects had their faces covered, but the victim says one of the men is white and the other appeared to be Hispanic. The getaway car is believed to a silver or light colored SUV.

So far, no items have been reported as stolen during the attempted robbery.

The investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information on the case is encouraged to call the Springtown Police Department at 817-220-1534.

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