Local man arrested for serious injury to a child

The father of an injured six month old infant has been arrested for injury to a child with serious bodily injured.

Personnel from Cook Children’s Medical Center called the Weatherford Police Department on Wednesday regarding the baby girl, who had numerous bruises over her body with significant head trauma. Detectives interviewed both parents at the hospital. The father, 33-year-old Robert Brandon Morris, was taking care of the baby while the mother was at work at a local restaurant. Morris called the mother saying the baby had fallen on the floor and was lifeless. The mother came home and called 9-1-1. The couple took the child to Cook Children’s Medical Center. Eventually, Morris admitted to detectives that at one point during the night he wrapped both of his hands around the infant’s neck and applied pressure till the child became quiet. Morris also admitted that he threw the infant on to the bed because he was frustrated with the child crying.

Morris was taken into custody at Cook’s Hospital and transported back to the Parker County Jail where he was charged with Injury to a Child w/ Serious Bodily Injury – First Degree Felony. The case is still under investigation and the child remains in serious but stable condition at Cook’s Children’s Hospital.

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