Animal dumping a problem in Weatherford

Human negligence is causing problems in the animal population in Parker County, and the Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter is reminding local citizens that dumping animals is illegal and a strain on the community.

The shelter recently had in its care a family of feral dogs that were found behind a business on 51 South…The puppies were too young to survive on their own without their mother and the shelter arranged care for the dogs through Tall Tailz, a nonprofit rescue. The mother was later picked up by a concerned citizen and reunited with her puppies at Tall Tailz until they could be weaned. Unfortunately, the mother had severe heartworms.

The point is, dumping animals with the false hope that someone will take them in and care for them not only puts the animal’s life in danger, but contribute to the costly overpopulation of pets in the community. Plus it’s illegal…the City of Weatherford has an animal abandonment ordinance that makes it illegal to dump animals. For questions, contact Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter at animals.

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