Mineral Wells boys rescued from well

A neighbor acted swiftly to help rescue a Mineral Wells boy who fell about 40 feet down a water well at an abandoned home.

The incident occurred about 3 p.m. Saturday in the 500 block of Harvey Road, east of FM Road 1195 near the entrance to Mineral Wells Municipal Airport.

According to the Mineral Wells Index, the reportedly 9-year-old boy, who lives adjacent to the property at a mobile home park, and a girl were reportedly riding bicycles and playing when they ended up on the property, and the boy on top of the water well, its opening poorly covered with a couple of pieces of thin tin.

The covering apparently gave way, sending the boy plummeting down the well, approximately 3 feet in diameter. The girl reportedly went screaming to one of the trailers in the mobile home park, which caught the attention of neighbor Christopher Hicks.

Hicks said he first tried calling 911 but said he was unable to make contact using his cell phone. He said though a woman in the park was able to reach a Mineral Wells emergency services dispatcher with her phone.

Hicks grabbed a 2-inch towing strap, tied one end of the strap to a pole next to the well and wrapped the other end around himself. He then began to scale down the interior of the sandstone-lined well until he reached the boy.

Hicks said the boy was conscious, despite hitting his head on the way down. Hicks said the boy had gone under water but resurfaced and clung to the sides of the well until he could reach him. He said the boy had a knot on his head and was disoriented.

Hicks said once he reached the boy, he grabbed and held him up as he braced his feet on one side of the well’s wall and his back against the other.

Police and emergency service responders began arriving, and officers were able to get a rescue rope around the boy, who was then lifted out of the well by responders above.

The boy was alert and talking as paramedics placed him on a stretcher and transported him to Palo Pinto General Hospital.

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