Weatherford woman robbed at gunpoint

A Weatherford woman’s kindness to a stranger was reportedly repaid with robbery at gunpoint Monday night.

A 59-year-old woman reported that two men she did not know had forced their way into a residence in the 200 block of Eden Road.

Paula Holder told the Weatherford Democrat that on many occasions, she’s allowed people who approached the house to use her phone.

A man in his late teens or early 20’s showed up at her house just after dark on Monday night and asked if he could use her phone. He did so and then left. Then, after she’d gone to bed, the doorbell rang, and it was the same man, but this time he pulled a pistol, pointed it between her eyes and told her to back up and let him in.

A second man was with him, wearing a mask and also holding a handgun. The men demanded cash, so she gave them a small amount of money, but they wanted more. One of the men searched the house. When they didn’t find any more money, they ran across the street into the woods. Two other adults and an 8-month-old child were also at home during the robbery, and one of the men fired several rounds at the suspects in the woods.

No arrests have been made so far in the case.
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