Wise County woman admits to stealing nearly $240K from Wal-Mart

Law enforcement officials in Wise County have arrested a 33-year long Walmart employee after it was discovered that she had allegedly stolen nearly $240,000 from a Decatur store.

According to the arrest warrant and CBS-11, 51-year old Nacina Walker illegally took over $224,000 in cash and $14,800 in money orders while working at the Decatur Walmart cash office.

Walker, who has been working for Walmart since 1982, could not remember when she first started stealing money from the business. She admitted it began with small amounts of approximately $50, and grew to as much as $8,000 a day in refund cash.

During the investigation it was determined that from August 2014 -October 2014 alone, Walker took $71,000 in cash and $14,800 in money orders.

In a written statement, Walker said she needed the money for medical bills, her husband’s business and to care for her elderly parents.

Walker has been charged with a first degree felony for Theft of Property greater than $200k.

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