Woman sentenced to 50 years for Weatherford embezzlement case

A 45-year-old Fort Worth woman pled guilty and was sentenced to 50 years in prison for embezzling nearly $50,000 from a Weatherford attorney who employed her as well as for forging the signatures of a Dallas probate court judge and a Dallas county clerk on legal documents in a case that concluded in Parker County district court Wednesday.

Julie Sue Witt was sentenced as a habitual offender, having been previously convicted of four prior felony theft cases and a felony money laundering case with prison sentences totaling 33 years, all believed to be situations where she stole from her employer.

The most recent attorney who was the victim of theft didn’t run a routine criminal history check on Witt because he was taking over the practice of another attorney who passed away, and kept Witt on because she was familiar with the firm’s clients.

Prosecutors said Witt falsified court documents to cover her tracks, including forging the signatures of judges and clerks. She also doctored the attorney’s bank records so that he would not discover that she was draining his bank accounts.

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