Further update on Mineral Wells tornado

The twister seemed to skip its way through downtown Mineral Wells.

Coming across the near northwest part of town, the tornado ripped off the eastern wall of First Baptist Church gym roof structure, exposing the interior of the gym.  Then it proceeded across West Hubbard and sucked windows out of Our Lady Of Lourdes catholic church.  I saw some of debris from that area swirl upwards into the cloud through a window in my home, being about 2 blocks away.

The twister then did some damage to Baum-Carlock-Bumgardner Funeral Home, next to the catholic church.

Downtown, the County Annex Building, which is the old converted Poston Dry Goods Store, had its metal roof lifted off and deposited across North Oak in an abandoned bank building.  We don’t know of any other significant damage aside from a lot of downed trees.  We understand downtown is still dark and the police station is using a power generator.

We saw a Lone Camp fire truck drive by our house, heading for the fire station, we assume for backup.

However we’ve heard of no injuries.

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