Horseshoe Bend to be evacuated

Parker County Judge Mark Riley has signed a disaster declaration, opening the door for state assistance as flooding along the Brazos River in Parker County is expected.

The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for areas along the Brazos River in Parker County.

Parker County residents in Horseshoe Bend should seek higher ground and leave the Horseshoe Bend area by 8 p.m. on Wednesday according to Parker County Emergency Management officials.

The Brazos River is expected to crest at 25 feet, four feet above flood stage. The river is expected to spill out of its banks late Wednesday to early morning Thursday, with the crest forecast to occur Thursday night into Friday morning. As of Wednesday morning the Brazos River at Dennis in Parker County was at 16 feet.

“This is a serious situation that all of our residents who live in flood prone areas along the Brazos River should heed caution to,” Parker County Emergency Manager George Teague said. “Residents in Horseshoe Bend and other areas that flood along the Brazos River should begin securing their property and moving to higher ground today. Motorists need to avoid driving through standing water. Turn around, don’t drown.”

Brazos River Authority officials have flood gates open on the Morris Sheppard Dam at Possum Kingdom Lake releasing a large amount of water that is moving into Parker County.

Riley said the county is working with state officials to open evacuation shelters for affected residents to use.

“The river is coming up fast and flowing at dangerous volumes,” Riley said. “Our residents in Horseshoe Bend, Soda Springs, Lazy Bend and other flood prone areas along the Brazos River should make evacuation plans and leave as soon as possible, before the river spills out of its banks.”

Riley added that residents who choose not to evacuate areas that will be flooded, not only put their own lives at risk, but also the lives of emergency management personnel and first responders.

Flooding is expected to affect homes in the Horseshoe Bend community.

A flood warning means flooding will happen. Moderate to heavy flooding is possible and with additional rainfall in the forecast, the projected crest of 25 feet could increase or multiple crests could occur.

Do not drive cars through flooded areas and residents should not walk near the riverbank.

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