QXFM Radio Network is a Non-Commercial Educational Broadcast Network that operates in western Tarrant County, Parker, Palo Pinto, Eastland, Hood, Johnson, Jack, Comanche, Erath, Wise, Somervell, Stephens, and Denton Counties. QXFM Radio Network stations are formatted with a mix of musical formats and educational broadcasting. Our musical formats range from Contemporary Christian,  Country, Classic Rock, Oldies, and Pop Hits across multiple stations. Interspersed within our music programming is educational programming throughout the day and across the network.

Our mission as an entity is to provide quality educational and entertaining content so as to please all key demographics at any given moment.

Highlights of our original live programming:

  • The Morning Show hosted by award-winning broadcaster Dave Cowley; simulcast on our ChuckFM stations 89.5 Weatherford and 89.1 Springtown
  • Sunday Singin – A weekly program hosted by Danny Gilbert featuring Southern Gospel music; simulcast across all stations
  • Cowboy Jubilee – A weekly program hosted by Judy James featuring western music and western heritage is simulcast on our ChuckFM stations 89.5 Weatherford and 89.1 Springtown.


QXFM is owned and operated by CSSI Educational Broadcasting and is a non-profit entity that is fully funded by corporate underwriting and privatized membership support from individuals.

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  1. I didn’t know you guys had changed your formats for those of us in the Mineral Wells/Weatherford listening area. Good for you. I mainly like rock and roll but 88.5 is a refreshing change. Of course, I’m just like nearly everybody else as far as I’m willing to go who says that they really like all kinds of music, which really means r&r and country, so 89.5 is a brilliant move in my mind. Just keep it fresh.

    • Thanks for the kind words Miguel! We will be continually adding music to 89.5. Probably not rap and heavy metal, but if it was a number one hit… You’ll probably hear it. The library has over 4000 songs, so I hope you hear lots that will bring back some great memories and some newer stuff to create new memories with. Again thanks for taking the time to comment. We are still running low power while trying to get antenna and tower repairs completed from recent storms. Keep listening!

    • We just did not have enough personnel or financial support to continue even though it is by far my favorite format. I hope in the very near future, I will get a chance to bring it back stronger than ever!

    • Ivan, We really miss having them on the station too. Unlike most radio stations, it is VERY labor intensive for us. Being a non-commercial station, the FCC regulates the sponsors we can air. Because the Rangers’ have live reads during the program, we have to have someone at the station (where other stations play them via tones- no station personnel is there) to cover those “commercials”. Finding people to come to work is almost impossible! You’d think that would not be the case, but it is. Thanks for listening though!

  2. So, is kqxe 91,1 Ur station too????? I love it!!!!!!!! How long has it been this format???? I also hear it better than your other stations down here in Bluff Dale!!!

  3. Just want to say that I listen in California on Radio-Garden on the net. I love your format! So very tired of the typical stations we have here. Thank you for being unique!!!

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