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Studio Address:

1612 S. Main, Weatherford, Texas 76086


Corporate Office:

905 Palo Pinto St, Weatherford, TX 76086


29 comments on “Contact Us

  1. Where can someone find the Cinema Savings magazine? We live in the outskirts of Weatherford, so we don’t receive them in the mail.

    • The tower was hit by lightening three weeks ago. The antenna, cableing, power dividers on transmitter took major hit. It is all being repaired but having trouble with electrical power with encore and having tower climbers get new stuff back up on tower. If power is fixed soon… We should bd back up soon. Tower guys are suppose to have cable, antenna and such back up this coming weekend. We are at their mercy. Working hard to get back up ASAP. Thanks for listening!!!!

  2. You may need to cheek your source for celebrity birthdays. They all seem to be one year younger than they actually are. For instance Adam West was 86 today not 85.

  3. Hi, my name is Jayson King.
    I am a student at Weatherford College and was wondering if your station does internships. I am looking for an internship for spring of 2015. The class I would be in gives school credit to me as long as I have an internship.
    Much thanks,
    Jayson King

  4. In short the answer is yes. We are still working on getting equipment repaired/replaced. As of now most tower repairs are complete and testing is underway to ensure we are within our licensed parameters. Music you currently hear is just because it was easier to get to transmitter…

    Thanks for listening and continuing to support the station through the needed repair. We greatly appreciate any input from listeners. Do you mind us asking where you are listening at? Eastland, Ranger,???? We are still trying to verify the actual range.

    Again, thanks for your inquiry!

  5. Just wondering about the repair status on the tower that was hit by lightning in Eastland back in Sept. Still waiting for the oldies to be back on the air! Thanks

  6. While you guys are sitting at home drinking beer and watching football, your station 91.1 is a disaster. Sounds like a CD skipping but I assumed radio stations stopped using CDs long ago. You guys are even worse than KWBY in Stephenville. Radio stations running on autopilot just don’t work and never will. You have a responsibility to your paid advertisers/sponsors but you don’t seem to take this responsibility seriously.

    • Mr. Bill Smith,
      First let me say, NO ONE is more upset and concerned about 91.1 than me. We have had the station on air for several years and have not taken one cent out of the community. We (our family) pays the entire cost of running this station. We have never had a single advertiser on the station. The station was hit by lightening in August and took out tower wiring, transmitter, our receiving equipment. Our family has spent somewhere up around $50K just getting it back up on the air. We are working on reviving the ability for us to send programming full time back to the tower. IT costs money and I refuse to ask the community to help fund it when it is not up and running full time, reliably. I DO NOT drink, nor do I watch football. When I hit the lottery, I will immediately begin to spend enormous money. Until that time, We must do what is financially responsible and repair as we can. Thanks for your time in bringing this to our attention. We look forward to better serving the needs of the community soon. As a non-commercial radio station, we are totally funded by donations and will never sell advertising. We are however always looking for underwriters and persons who might be willing to volunteer time. If you would like to make a donation to our Non-commercial Public station, you may send contribution to QXFM Radio Network, 905 Palo Pinto St, Weatherford, TX 76086 Attention Public Donations.
      Best, Melinda Beard

  7. If you want to be a true rock and roll station, have a local phone number that people could call to make requests or find a name to a song.

  8. We are a newer plumbing company in Mineral Wells. We’re wondering how we can advertise with you’re station. We listen to it all the time an enjoy it very much.

    • First let me say, thanks for listening!!!! If you wouldn’t mind calling me tomorrow at 817-341-2337. Anytimr after 9, I can give you all the information you could want.

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