QXFM Staff

dave_cowley_mug_010708 Dave Cowley: Morning Show Host

You can hear Dave and the gang weekdays for 6-8am simulcast on our ChuckFM stations. During the summer months, Dave hosts several community remotes at Jerrys’ Auto Plex.  Charities helped during these remotes include The WISD Education Foundation, Carter BloodCare, Manna, Parker County Meals on Wheels and Senior Center, just to name a few. Thanks to all those that support these causes.


brent baker resized  Brent Baker: Co-Host of the Morning Show, Sports, News, and The Endzone

You’ll find Brent at the station weekdays during the 6-8am broadcast of the Morning Show. In  addition, during Football Season, Brent with the help of Lin Bearden keep you up-to-date on all  local area high school sports with a mix of humor, history, play-by-play, and trivia.



The SWEETEST part of your morning ride!

   Lana Robinson: Morning Show Co-Host

Rounding out your week, Lana brings wit and humor to the Morning Show and works for the WISD when she isn’t at the station!




7 comments on “QXFM Staff

    • To date, we are still in the midst of repairs to the main antenna and the tower itself. We are on a temporary back up antenna and running at lower power. It took a while of decent weather and coordinating with tower climbers to get the damaged antenna down. Repairs and underway on that and it will be a bit before we can reinstall. Please check out tunein or iheartradio via internet (if possible). We should have a new/more reliable stream up again sometime today.

      When the re-built antenna is back in place, our coverage should be greater than it was before the storms came through. Thanks for listening!

  1. We discovered your station by accident, and we love it. We make bets about what artist is next. Neither one of us is ever right. Wish there was a playlist available, for evidence. Great job!

    • Brandi,
      We are SO glad that you found us! We are pretty excited about the “no genre, just great music” format. Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know how we’re doing! Keep listening. We will soon have ChuckFM tees! When we start promoting them, email me your sizes and I’ll make sure you get one!

  2. I thought you guys finally went out of business. Haven’t been able to pick up any of your stations in De leon for a very long time. We listened to your oldie station but it went down constantly and finally never came back. The last local area station that didn’t play country, KWBY, switched to country, so that’s all there is now. The dial is full of country, which is actually some strange sounding music these days.

  3. A year later and I tune in to the station and it’s still messed up. Goes on and off several times during songs.

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